Lichfield Nomads C.C. v Stoneygate C.C.

Rain ruins excellent bowling display

Weather Wins at Walsall.
A poor forecast cast doubt on the prospect of getting a game in against Stoneygate. With orders from the groundsman not to play on the pitch if it rained, Nomads took to the field in trepidation with a few drops of rain in the air. Aneek Mahmood and Sam Bryars opened the bowling and Mahmood bowling his best ever spell for Nomads was virtually uplayable against decent batsmen, claiming 3 bowled and one caught behind. Mahmood had wisely followed the excellent advice of Jim Cogzell who told him “ bowl at the stumps”. Bryars, after an erratic start, also bowled well with good variation and was unlucky to have a chance dropped at slip. Mahmood bowled his 8 overs attempting to attain his first 5 -for bowling for Nomads and then Turnbull bowled 2 and Cogzell 1. At this stage, with the rain still persisting, it was decided to come off as the wicket was starting to cut up and after an hour, with slightly heavier rain it was decided to call it a day.
Although nothing is certain in cricket, Nomads were in an excellent position to claim another win with Stoneygate just 36 off 17 overs and 4 wickets down.

[Disclaimer: Any offence caused by this article is unintentional, any praise is well deserved]

Date: 30 July 2023
Start time: 2:00pm
Venue: Gorway Road, Walsall CC.
Competition: 40 overs Friendly
Scores: Stoneygate 36 for 4 v Lichfield Nomads (Did not bat)
Result: Match abandoned as a draw.
Toss: Stoneygate won the toss and elected to bat.
Scorer: J. Hoddy
Umpires: K. Stanley
Report: J. Hoddy
Weather: Drizzle then rain

30 July 2023